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What is Mobile Cardiac Telemetry

Mobile Cardiac Telemetry (MCT) Monitoring employs unique monitoring technology that captures ambulatory ECG information in near real time. This technology is the newest technology in the ambulatory cardiac monitoring space which has a vast array of clinical utility. The proper indications of use for MCT should be carefully examined prior to ordering the study. Although Medicare and Private Insurance Company cover the diagnostic test, proper work up and indications must be met for the physician to order the study.

What are the Symptoms for Ordering a Mobile Cardiac Monitoring Test?

  • Syncope
  • Presyncope
  • Palpitations
  • Dizziness
  • Bradycardia
  • Tachycardia

Monitoring Services

Monitor Patients around the clock with the assistance of CCT-Certified Technicians with 24-hour Patient and Provider support. Note that this service should not be used for monitoring critical arrhythmias that require immediate clinical intervention.

  • CCT-Certified Technicians
    The HIPAA-Compliant remote cardiac monitoring center is equipped with trained medical experts delivering thousands of reports per month. Diagnostic Medical Testing specializes in ECG monitoring and takes pride in improving Patients’ Quality of Life.
  • 24/7 Patient Support
    Clinical staff is on standby, ready to support customers around the clock, 365 days per year. We are committed to providing users with excellent customer service and Patient support, as "Patient's Are Our First Priority"
  • Equipment Management
    Clinical Support Specialists can help Providers manage their inventory within the Cloudbeat web based platform.

Notification Protocols

Providers can choose their own notification preferences. They decide when and how they want to be notified by email or phone call for the priority events.

End of Study Reports & Priority Reports

Throughout a Patient study, the technicians keep a close eye on Patients with priority events or top priority cases. By the end of a study, the technicians generate a fully comprehensive End of Study Report. For priority events, the technicians notify the Providers along the way and send them Priority Reports accordingly.

Staff Training

Providers' staff are taught to:

  • Enroll and educate Patients on Patient-hookups
  • Answer common questions
  • Add new studies
  • Navigate through the software


Patient Hook-Up

Provider prescribes Diagnostic Medical Testing to complete a Wireless ECG Monitoring for their patient

Patients go about their day-to-day lives

Our devices continuously record Patient's heart rhythm abnormalities

Medical Professionals

Monitor Your Patient’s Heart Medical reports are generated using the HIPAA-Compliant Cloudbeat Cardiac monitoring system

Who is a Good Candidate for Mobile Cardiac Monitoring?

Due to a patients medical condition, a recent procedure they had or medication they are taking, we need to watch carefully for any abnormal heart rhythms or irregular beats.

Why Order a Mobile Cardiac Monitoring Test?

  • Detection of symptomatic transient/paroxysmal dysrhythmia when frequency symptoms is limited and 24-hour ambulatory ECG is unlikely to capture/record the dysrhythmia.
  • Other testing like 24-hour ambulatory ECG has been unrevealing
  • Prolonged monitoring is required specifically to ensure absence of atrial fibrillation prior to discontinue of anticoagulation therapy
  • Evaluation of atrial fibrillation for rhythm and/or rate control when results will directly impact clinical decision-making
  • Cryptogenic stroke with suspected occult atrial fibrillation as the cause of the stroke
  • Monitoring arrhythmia status following an ablation procedure
  • Cardiac arrhythmias suspected from Intermittent Symptoms

Why Test In A Facility When Your Patient Can Complete Their Mobile Cardiac Test In The Comfort Of Their Own Home!