What is a 6 Minute Walk Test?

The 6 Minute Walk Test (also known as “exercise testing”) is a 3-part test that evaluates oxygen desaturation while at rest, while exercising, and while exercising on oxygen. The 6MWT can be used for the evaluation of home oxygen needs.

Who Can Perform 6MWT?

Diagnostic Medical Testing, Inc. is an Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility. Medicare Administrative Contractors (MAC) and Local Coverage Determinations include a requirement that the test be performed by a “provider who is qualified to bill Medicare for the test – i.e., a Part A provider, a laboratory, an Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (IDTF), or a physician.”

The testing is performed by either a Respiratory Therapist, Registered Nurse, or Nurse Practitioner in the patient’s home.

What Are the Benefits of Using Diagnostic Medical Testing to Perform 6MWT

Use Diagnostic Medical Testing to qualify those patients who had a resting oxygen saturation greater than 88% in the physician’s office or hospital for continuous home oxygen therapy. Count on our qualified Clinicians to properly document the often confusing 3-part test to stand up in an insurance audit. Home-bound patients will not have to return for an office visit with their physician for additional testing.


Florida, Kentucky, Oklahoma, California, Tennessee, New York, Texas, Missouri, Indiana, Illinois, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and Georgia. We have skilled clinicians on staff who complete exercise testing for home oxygen qualification. We obtain the simple stress test results during a scheduled in home testing process. Call today to receive the order form, instructions and the cities we service for this division of our company: 877-202-1191