for DME Providers

Drop off the oximeter to the patient's home to wear. Have them e-Sign the AOB when the oximeter is delivered to your patient's home.

E-Sign the Patient's AOB on:

  • iPhones
  • iPads
  • Android Phones
  • Android Tablets

Pick up the oximeter and upload while at the Patient's home, Upon upload, the driver and your office will be able to view the preliminary report. Within minutes your patient's finalized report will be released to your office and the ordering physician. This makes for a seamless testing process.

Cost Saving

Cost with your current IDFT

10 Monthly Uploads

30 Hours of Employee Time/Month (Avg. of $12/Hr)

20 Trips to Patient's Homes

(Avg. Trip charge of $75/Trip)

Saving by upgrading to DMT

10 Monthly Uploads

10 Hours of Employee Time/Month(Avg. of $12/Hr)

15 Trips to Patient's Homes

(Avg. Trip charge of $75/Trip)

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