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Forms for Diagnostic Testing

For your convenience, we have provided the various forms you will need from our company to complete your testing. Whether you're a physician's office, DME or a patient, we have the form for you. Just click on the link, fill out the form and contact us for more information.

These Forms Can Now Be Completed From Your Desktop Then Print


Q) May I pay my invoice over the phone?

A) Yes, Please call our office at 727-940-5908 extension  311  and our billing representative will be sure to assist you. NOW AVAILABLE

Q) Why do I need to take this test?

A) Your physician has ordered this testing for diagnostic purposes of your pulmonary disease. Medicare and other insurance companies require independent verification of your need to have oxygen before the will begin paying for the oxygen supply.

Q) Why are you testing for the oxygen supply?

A) You are tested by our company because we are a third party diagnostic facility, separate from your supplier, which Medicare and many other insurance providers require outside testing to qualify you for oxygen therapy.

Q) If I am having trouble understanding the instructions for the test who do I call?

A) All you simply do is call us at 727-940-5908 and our technical staff will help you through the testing process. After Hours Patient Line: 727-479-6469

Q) Can I get a copy of my test results?

A) Yes, you certainly can. HIPPA regulations protects the privacy of your medical records. We can only release these results to you, your physician and the company providing the equipment for your oxygen therapy, as long as your written release is signed and on file.

Q) Does your company bill Medicare or other insurance providers?

A) We bill Medicare and secondary insurance crossovers for the testing. The patient only receives a bill if you have a copay, deductible, coinsurance due or no insurance carrier.

Q) How much will the overnight test cost me if I have no insurance?

A) If you are a private pay patient we charge $75.00 for the test.

Q) Why do you need my social security number?

A) Medicare considers us different then your oxygen provider. In order for us to submit a claim we must attach your personal information to the filing of your claim.

If at any time you have more questions please call our helpful staff and they will be more than happy to help you.
Contact our Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility for efficient and accurate results of oximetry tests. We work with physicians, medical equipment companies and hospitals to provide reliable oximeter test results.